Regardless of whether we or anyone else is renovating the engine, different forms of machine work are needed.

We are one of the few workshops in Sweden that have their own complete machinery. We carry out all possible repairs and engine renovations, many engine companies, racing drivers and private individuals hire us for various machine work.

We do everything from complete engine renovation to odd jobs such as renovate dough mixers for bakeries.

Our areas of expertise

  • Cylinder Boring
  • Floor milling cylinder head cover
  • Linehoning crankshaft bearings
  • Floor milling engine blocks
  • Balancing
  • Milling valve seats – cylinder head
  • valve grinding
  • Replacement of valve guides
  • Sample printing of cylinder head & cylinder block
  • Renovation of Connecting rods
  • Cranck shaft grinding
  • Cylinder honey with stress plates
  • Turning and milling operations as desired
  • Valve Renovation
  • Top decking
  • Magnafluxing
  • AR drilling

Our machines

  • Amc Show, Cm 1200, drill / plan / deck
  • Amc Show, K 1500-U, crankshaft grinder
  • Amc Show, L 2500-V, AR drill
  • Trego, VFP 500, valve spring press
  • Trego, WS 900, hydraulic cylinder head
  • Trego, SM 125, steel grinding
  • Mercury way, master headshop
  • Kwik-way, svs series 2, valve grinder
  • Sunnen, assault slip
  • Sunnen, valve stem honing
  • Sunnen SV 10, computer controlled honing machine
  • Sonnen, ch 100, linehoning
  • Healthy, vertical honing machine
  • Guyson, glass blasts
  • Ilb, alumina blasts
  • Serdi 4.0 power, valve seat cutter
  • Aqua clean as-110, wash
  • AZ sn 10 G, resurfacing
  • Storebro 195, lathe
  • Bridgeport, milling
  • Winona, balancing machine
  • PMD, test printing machine
  • Magnetic flux, crack indication
  • Various machines for minor machining